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We have access to more than 2500 properties worldwide and can individualize hotel negotiations to fit company needs. Reservations made in real-time providing accurate availability. We have blocks of reserved rooms during the peaks of the sold-out. We perform quality checks and receive alerts when crucial items are missing.

Business Trips

VIP Excellence Travel provides services for the entire process of managing your international business opportunities and meetings. Our services are customized according to your various tastes. Whether the purpose of your business is personal or corporatized, our services range vary from creative planning, catering, coordinating, restaurant bookings, inaugurations, incoming and outbound airport service, and arranging transportation. Upon the reception of the hosting company’s inquiries, our professional team analyzes the client’s needs and start an enhanced research to plan our service with sensitivity and comprehensiveness, conduct all the escorting service and look after the details carefully. The services can include greetings at the airport, making the reservations with our very selective hotels and resorts, arranging transportation and customizing your private tour programs. Our aim is to provide an unforgettable experience and fulfilling the goal of the mission. Our consultation team is available 24 hours 365 days. Analysis of customer’s propensity and customer care will be executed based on the database of feedback. Our knowledge of hotels, their / performance, restaurants and event halls are quite reliable and up to date. Designing a business travel program can be complicated. Sending people to remote parts of the world is complex. But we make it easy for you to experience a smooth and valuable travel services to get the job done right. You need to keep you and your staff safe while engaged and productive to maintain your workforce focused on your business goals. With supplier management expertise we can help you design and negotiate an effective travel program which meets your needs. We are experts in creating show-stopping and glamorous events with everlasting impressions. Although we deliver value, but value with no fun is hard to remember. Whether you are in oil and gas or in sports; marine to cosmetics, renewable energy to healthcare, we’re here to handle your travel needs.

Our Philosophy


Everything described on this website and in our promotion material: Our yachts, flights, the trip duration, the destinations, food and drinks match the physical execution of the plan.

Our Name

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We want you to come back and recommend us to your friends.
We love our job and our goal is to fulfill your goal at the highest standards possible. Our parameter is your overly satisfaction. If you are happy then we have happily accomplished.

Professional And Safe

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We are committed to making sure you receive excellent white gloves service with full safety measures when choosing us. Our staff is composed of top-level agents mannered and trained by the worldwide stylish hospitality brands.

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Personal Adviser

You will have your personal adviser who will take care of your needs all through your trip. If you desire, you will be guided for where to go, what to buy or what to wear.

Managing a plan B

If for any reason you can't be present on a scheduled program, we will organize a plan B to minimize the loss.

Unlimited Access

Due to our worldwide connections, we have access to hidden locations which are not publicly advertised for most travel companies.

A Consolidated Tactic

A business traveler is a meeting attendee as many of their trips are to attend meetings. Therefore, the experience should be seamless from booking to the end.

For most companies the booking experience is drastically separated from the meeting which prevents your staff from a full engagement. We unite a consolidated tactic to connect the trip with the meeting.

Proper Management

Business owners cannot avoid traveling. Your employees have to travel at some point to attend conferences, supervise company’s tasks and meet clients. It will be challenging and confusing without a proper and comprehensive planning.

Hermitage Meetings, Monte Carlo
Armani Meetings, Dubai

Focusing On Your


Are you going to merge with another company? Having an inauguration for your overseas branch? Are you planning to communicate a new strategy to key audiences overseas? Or do you have a target to reach a dot number of new customers across another continent?


We create a connected experience by combining the trip accommodations with the professional goal of the trip for you and your employees. Your event may need keynote and breakout sessions, exhibition space, gala dinners and onsite delivery for a flawless attendee experience. We offer end-to-end solutions for the entire process.


Gala Dinner Event

When your business trip is a group trip, a thorough search across a dozen destinations will be implemented for the event location. Some European countries are not only historical but also offer excellent value for money. Our partnership and connections with suppliers allow us to globally negotiate the supplies and services.

Special guests will be invited to provide a motivating speech and move the energy across the meeting to prepare the right atmosphere.

Our surroundings will be impeccable. From lighting to design, the choice of porcelain sets, flowers and cuisine, will be impressive. Both customers and your employees will be invited to a casual evening and feel valued. But this is just the routine and the beginning. If a global sales event is what you have planned, you can be guaranteed that the right equipment will be in place. A gala dinner designed by creativity and expertise performing the necessary announcements is what makes us overexcited.

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