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On any trip you have a limited amount of time. When you visit a country where the language is unfamiliar, the culture is different, and having connections saves your plans, A private guide will enhance your experience and maximize your goal. 

Our team is dedicated to your holiday/business event’s fluidity and smoothness. Our transportation services are second to none for attention to detail and personal service. We provide exclusive accommodation. The flow is our focus. Our exceptional plan will fit into your time.

We go off-road, off-normal and off-limits. We offer what normal tours don’t offer, and we go where other tours don’t go!  

VIP Excellence Travel puts years of experience to work for you. Our VIP travelers don’t need traffic snags. We go beyond the extra mile to make your transportation experience as pleasurable as it can be. All of our drivers our experienced and knowledgeable. We’re delighted to make your trip delicious and unique. The key to design your trip is your passion. personal interests, your goal and what/where to avoid.

When we design your trip, you don’t have to worry about what to see, how much time to spend in any one place, where to buy or how to organize your special event in an unknown country. The simplicity allows you to relax and enjoy your vacation or business goal. You won’t get lost on unfamiliar roads or not knowing where to go when there is no signal on GPS navigator and no road sign.  A private tour can provide extraordinary services and can take you to places that are not available through public tours. We are your ease of mind, and we are here to take the worry and hassle off your trip.

Armani Hotel, Dubai


We are focused around you and your party. The entire experience is designed around you. The superstar of your fiction is you!
No stress and fear of a foreign country. You won’t get overwhelmed with planning all the details of your trip. As much as your event is important to you, it is crucial for us to save our name and credit. Therefore, satisfying your goal is the only way to obtain our outstanding feedback.

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