Guide For Medical Trips: Written Diagnosis and Doctor’s Referral


Upon the referral of your doctor or local healthcare professionals accompanied by a written diagnosis we can obtain the visa for your treatment. If you require a special treatment and trust with us to book it, we can provide valuable information for doctors in your desired country and aid them in choosing the right treatment for you. You may submit your medical documents and prescriptions to the doctor upon arrival or have them sent to them prior to your departure. We will consider your physical conditions/needs, and climate requirements while booking the right atmosphere and the accommodation best suited for you.

In addition to your medical performances, we will provide you with great opportunities to relax and enjoy during your recovery.

Communication between you, your coordinator and your doctor in the country of destination, as well as your local doctor is vital to ensure that you have a comfortable and fast recovery. Your treatment history together with your aftercare recommendations will be sent to your local-family doctor.


A visa for medical treatment can be issued in most countries with a special visa for a period of 3 months to 1 year.
If you wish to obtain more information on specific visas, please call our advisers or the local embassy of the destined country.


We offer opportunities to connect healthcare consumers with locations, media influencers, and industry leaders.

Access Management

 Our collaborative programs and consulting services designed to help patients’ access to the international medical community and assist with strategic planning for their treatment.

A Hassle-Free Path

We provide the guidance and tools you need to make safe, intelligent and cost-effective decisions about healthcare destinations which are medical travel-friendly countries. We can also vet leading international hospitals and clinics, and your hassle-free path to a healing process.

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Very Healthcare Friendly Locations

Natural Ingredients

After your medical treatment, what you need is a clean sweet location which satisfies both the climate and dietary requirements according to your health condition (especially for lung conditions). Moreover, you need warmhearted people to take care of you. With our medical services, be relaxed and just focus on your healing process. You are in good hands.

Home Made And Friendly

Living with a lung disease or pulmonary fibrosis can make one’s daily routine extremely difficult. People with difficulty in breathing which causes lower energy levels are simply looking for relief. Although there are a variety of medications available, none of them are without side effects. Sometimes just leaving the irritating location, staying in a healthy place and keeping a natural diet helps beyond imagination.

In other physical cases, you may just come out of a divorce or a trauma and have lost all your mental force, feeling the need to be alone in a faraway place that nobody knows you but at the same time, you may not know how to take care of your food and rest.

If that is the case for you, then we will take care of the rest of it. Choose your suitable location among our many proposals and let us organize the rest of your journey.


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Easy & Smooth

All your abroad medical records will be sent to your local doctor, and they will be fully aware of the entire documented procedure.

You will have your safe transportation for your daily visits to your hospital or other. Your driver knows the local roads, dialects and English language at the same time to understand you.

About Insurance

If your insurance company doesn’t cover your medical treatment abroad which mostly don’t, we can manage to purchase a travel health insurance for your trip. Make sure you are treated under the local public health care system.


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